Snow in Mississippi?

The title says it all.  We officially have snow in Mississippi.  Yes, the fluffy white stuff that usually only happens in the North, happened in the South.   My boyfriend and his family have been without power and heat for 26-27 hours and now they have to spend tonight again with no power or heat!  My grandma is supposed to be without power for 2-3 DAYS!  I’m so lucky my parents never lost power!! Looks like it time to pack now!! 

The Church is Responsible for This

Candice Czubernat


by Candice Czubernat

I hold the church personally responsible for any LGBTQ person who walks away from God and Christianity. Every week, I get emails from individuals all across the country who are full of desire to be a part of a church. They want to go on the church-wide mission trip, join the choir, serve in the youth group and attend a small group. These are people who long to serve God, connect with other Christians and be a part of a wider community.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Here’s the heartbreaking part: they write me because the church won’t let them do those things and they don’t know what to do.

Their church has found out they are LGBTQ and because of this are no longer welcome to join in these church activities they long to be a part of. The worst are the emails I get are from young…

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Measles Is Serious (A History Lesson from My Grandmother)

A very great read. Vaccinations are important!

The Science of Mom

Measles is back. The outbreak of this highly contagious viral illness that started at Disneyland in December has spread across the country and shows no signs of slowing. As of February 6, the CDC reported 121 cases in 17 states in this year alone, most linked to Disneyland. In 2014, we had 644 cases of measles in the U.S. This is a striking increase compared to the last 15 years, when we usually saw less than 100 cases in an entire year.

measles 2015 CDCI’m sorry that so many people have been sickened in this outbreak and hope that it is reined in soon. This is no easy task given our mobile society and the fact that we like to congregate in places like Disneyland, schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals, airplanes, and shopping malls. Add to that the pockets of unvaccinated people where measles can easily spread, and we have a recipe…

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Longest Week of My Life!

So, this week started off horribly and I don’t know what today or tomorrow has in store for me. I have a 37 in English. My boyfriend and I had a huge argument that we actually talked through, but the worst part is people going around talking about it and putting our business out in the open. It’s sad that they have to do that when either me or my boyfriend come to them for COMFORT.


My name is Shelia.  I am 19 years old.  I am a sophomore at Holmes Community College – Grenada Center.  I have an amazing boyfriend of 2 years.  This is my first actual blog that isn’t for school related purposes.  I will be sharing new recipes, my life experiences, and talking about things that interest me.